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This new site is active from 04 January 2016.

If your original paper was decided as "Resubmit after Minor Revision for Review as a Regular Paper" or "Resubmit after Major Revision for Review as a Regular Paper", you must submit your paper using this (current) webpage.

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This publication is a hybrid journal, allowing either Traditional manuscript submission or Open Access (author-pays OA) manuscript submission. By selection "YES" to the Open Access question in the submission webpage, you commit to pay the discounted $1,750 OA fee if your manuscript is accepted for publication in order to enable unrestricted public access. Any other applicable charges (such as the over-length page charge and/or charge for the use of color in the print format) will be billed separately once the manuscript formatting is complete but prior to the publication (See below the section Page Charges). If you select Traditional submission, your article will be available to qualified subscribers and purchasers via IEEE Xplore. No OA payment is required for Tradition submission.

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